Soooo… this is it :) I finally finished my latest sketch with incredible Lana Parrilla.
I used mostly soft 6B pencil with addition of hard 2B pencil for deatils (like eyelashes, eyebrows,hair and lips). In the end I used also white gel pen for deatils on her feather earing… but honestly I was affraid to use it more than for a few dots and lines :/ I’ve also made a little experiment in the begining when I smudged pencil all over the the paper to make it light grey. Thanks to that trick I had easier to “uncover” the shadows with simple eraser and more smudging :D
In conlusion… This drawing is in A4 format & it took me around a week (2-3hrs a day) from main sketch - to “finish” line & I’m very happy how it turned out… :)
I would love to hear Your opinion? :)



Lent support when the glass rises and, this time, not stopping short, delivers one lover to the other. They kiss. There’s a little death, an insufficient bliss, but repeatable later.



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